The Belmont High School Performing Arts Company is the theatrical group of Belmont High school. Membership is open to all students of Belmont High School. The PAC produces 5 shows a year, including a Fall Play, Musical, Cabaret Night, Student Directed One Act Plays and Improv!


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The PAC newsletter is emailed out every week to student members as a way of staying in contact as well as providing comic relief.

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The PAC, being a theatre company, requires actors. Acting is a great way to tap into your creative side and make new friends. To act, simply audition. Auditions are low stress and fun. Audition dates will be posted on the home page throughout the year.


Techies create all the effects of a production. Techies work together to build sets, assemble props, light the stage, dress the actors, amplify the actors, and add sound effects. Tech is a great way to become involved and make new friends. To become a techie, simply submit a tech application. Tech applications are available on the PAC board before the beginning of any production.

Pit Orchestra

Playing in the pit orchestra for the musical is an excellent way to make new friends, and indulge in your art, while providing the necessary music for a production. To become involved in pit, contact Mr. Ketchen

Social Events

The PAC hosts several social events throughout the year, including a back to school BBQ, dinner parties, social outings and more. Sign up for the member newsletter to get updates about when social events are happening


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